Garinis lab

Genome (In)stability and Mammalian Physiology

EMBO workshop
on Aging!

We organize an "EMBO workshop on Developmental Circuits in Aging", 29 May – 01 June 2020 | Heraklion, Greece. Click for "Program and registration details"

A new paper
from our lab!

Goulielmaki et al., Tissue-infiltrating macrophages mediate an exosome-based metabolic reprogramming upon DNA damage, Nat Commun. 2020 Jan 2;11(1):42. View publication

A new pre-print
from our lab!

Chatzinikalou et al., ERCC1-XPF Interacts with Topoisomerase IIβ to Facilitate the Repair of Activity-induced DNA Breaks, bioRxiv 2020.01.03.892703. View publication