Graduate Fellowships in miREG Network

Postgraduate research studentships available for the THALIS Program: “miREG: MicroRNAs and Transcription Factor Networks in the regulation of cell differentiation, aging and tumorigenesis”

This consortium will address outstanding questions in the area of miRNA gene regulation and on the role of the miRNAs in Immunity and DNA-repair homeostatic processes and on the (patho)physiology of embryonic- and cancer- stem cells. Advancing our understanding on the role of miRNAs in these biological processes will provide insight into fundamental issues of biological integration and regulatory networks. Moreover, our work will generate novel information and experimental tools that can be used as translational platforms to develop modern technologies for biomedical applications.

More specifically the research conducted will focus on:

  • Networks of transcription factors and miRNAs that control normal embryonic stem (ES) or cancer stem cell (CSC) self renewal or differentiation (A.Kretsovali S.Papamatheakis, V.Pachnis).
  • The effect of nuclear organization (C.Spilianakis) and DNA repair mechanisms (G.Garinis) on miRNA expression.
  • The identification and analysis of miRNAs with selective roles in the biology of normal (NSC) and cancer neural stem cells (NCSC) (A.Michaelidis, M.Grigoriou).

The Program invites applications for research studentships from promising graduate students leading to MSc or PhD, interested in carrying out research in one of the following Research labs: J.Papamatheakis lab (IMBB-FORTH), A.Kretsovali lab (IMBB-FORTH), V.Pachnis lab (IMBB- FORTH), C.Spilianakis lab (IMBB-FORTH), G.Garinis lab (IMBB-FORTH), A.Michaelides lab (U.Ioannina), M.Grigoriou lab (U.Thrace).

Coordination: J.Papamatheakis (Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, FORTH)

Duration of the program: 01/08/2012 - 31/07/2015

Selection criteria:

  1. BSc in life sciences or MSc (or equivalent) in Molecular-Cellular Biology or proven research experience.
  2. Expertise in techniques of Molecular biology, Cell biology, Biochemistry and microscopy.
  3. Computer competency.
  4. Competency in English.
  5. At least one recommendation letter.

Interested applicants should apply by sending their CV and application to Sifis Papamatheakis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting “Thalis-miREG” in the subject line.